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What's the difference between Madison Avenue Online and other freelancer sites?
The biggest difference between Madison Avenue Online and other freelancer sites is that we promote collaboration and teamwork.  While other sites are like an ebay for deliverables, Madison Avenue Online is like a search engine and virtual conference room for teams.  Find your copywriter, SEO expert, branding professional and graphic designer and schedule a half day conference with them.  You can't do that on other freelancer sites.
Will you begin charging for advertising and marketing pros to use Madison Avenue Online?
We do expect to begin charging for usage of some features of Madison Avenue Online in the near future.  More information will be communicated when the pricing is announced.
Can you make enhancements to the site for my company?
Does your company have special requirements?  Contact us for assistance adding the criteria that's most relevant for you.  We'll make sure you have the tools to find and build a creative team with the credentials you need.
Is it possible for my password to be obtained from a hack?
While any site can be hacked, we do not store your password, but rather a hash of your password.  If you have a complex password, even if someone were to hack into our systems and obtain the hash of your password, they wouldn't be able to easily decode it from the hash, so your password would remain safe with you.
How do you protect the rest of my personal information?
We have several processes in place to ensure that confidential information remains confidential.  If there is evidence that a user has not maintained confidentiality of your information, we will close their account and permanently ban them from the site.  Let us know here if you need to report a suspected privacy violation.